Which Android tablet you should buy?

The most popular segment of portable electronics for work and study today is tablets. Most manufacturers are developing their own devices, devoting significant resources to their production. This article will consider the best Android tablet.

How to choose a tablet?

With the tablet, you can stay mobile, as when using a smartphone, but have a much larger screen. The tablet is ideal for watching movies, reading documents, reading books, etc. And by connecting a mouse and keyboard, you can get an analog of a laptop, which is well suited for editing and creating content.

Depending on the purpose of the device, it will be easy to understand how to choose a tablet by the size of the screen diagonal:

  • up to 7 inches – the most compact devices that can be compared with smartphones, are inexpensive, take up little space in a bag or pocket, but do not have sufficient convenience and performance;
  • 7-10 inches – the most popular models, can be used at home and on the road, for work and entertainment;
  • more than 10 inches – the most expensive and powerful tablets, most suitable for home use as a gaming or multimedia computer.

As for the internal equipment of the device, the same rules apply when choosing a regular computer. The main attention should be paid to such indicators as:

  • power and number of processor cores;
  • The amount of RAM;
  • the amount of built-in memory.

The best alternatives

  • Galaxy Tab S7 Plus (SM-T970NZSA)

The tablet has a thin aluminum body, which has built-in main and selfie cameras. At its end, there is a place to attach the S Pen. It is a 10-inch tablet with a display of the Super AMOLED type which is protected by Gorilla Glass, minimizes glow of blue color. The model is distinguished by data protection, quite good autonomy, high quality of shooting, high energy efficiency.

  • Lenovo Tab M8 (FHD)

The Lenovo Tab M8 tablet is your ideal helper in solving basic daily tasks: from work to rest. The model attracts attention with a large 8-inch screen, a stable processor, the ability to use multiple accounts, and high resolution. Under the Lenovo Tab is a 64-bit 8-core processor MediaTek Helio P22T, running at 2.3 GHz. The performance is complemented by 3 GB of RAM, so the tablet works quickly, stably, without delays.

‚óŹ       HUAWEI MediaPad T3 

The HUAWEI tablet runs Android 7.0 with a proprietary EMUI 5.1 interface. The case from the anodized aluminum, glass, and polymers distinguishes this copy from competitors. The design of the modification is classic. The monitor of the device is based on an IPS matrix with a diagonal of 9.6 inches, which is well calibrated. Video smoothness is provided by the Adreno 308 graphics accelerator.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

The tablet combines high quality and a wide range of features. This device allows you to enjoy movies, view social media accounts, play or perform simple tasks in applications. The gadget is based on a modern Snapdragon670 processor with above-average power and performance parameters. The chipset has 8 cores and an Adreno 615 graphics card. The 7040 mAh battery guarantees up to 14 hours of active operation without recharging.

  • Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

The tablet is an original multifunctional model that will give a pleasant experience of use. The main difference of the device is the presence of a tray for SIM-card, which will allow you to use the mobile Internet. It has a high-quality matrix with wide viewing angles and the ability to clearly display images in any lighting, even on a sunny day outside.

Best Soundbars for Samsung TV

Enhanced sound is one of the most important aspects of watching TV and movies on TV. It creates the effect of being present in events that take place on the screen. The soundbar is often used to improve sound quality. This article will consider the best soundbar options for Samsung TVs.

What is a soundbar and why do you need it?

Good sound is difficult to achieve from standard speakers built into a TV, monitor, or laptop. This requires a separate audio system that will make the sound not only louder but also more voluminous.

The soundbar is an acoustic monoblock for sound amplification. The design includes a different number of speakers, which varies from two to fifty pieces. Therefore, the device gives the purest sound in an area of up to 50 square meters. The main task of the soundbar is to provide a three-dimensional, wider sound field than single speakers do, and at the same time save useful space.

Thanks to the soundbar, the user gets a surround, loud, and much better sound compared to that given by the speakers integrated into the TV. Soundbar – a great option for small spaces, which saves space and at the same time gets a decent soundtrack.

In addition to the compact size, the advantages of the audio panel include:

  • Support for most modern audio and video formats;
  • Ease of use;
  • Integrated media players;
  • Ability to connect external drives.

The soundbar works in pair with the TV or as the independent player, playing music from a disk or a flashcard. The soundbar includes the player itself, a set of speakers, and an audio processor needed to provide full sound. The panel has built-in up to 16 speakers at different angles, the bass speaker acts as a subwoofer. You can control the soundbar via the remote control or with the buttons on the body.

Types of the soundbar

  • This is a simple affordable solution, but not without drawbacks. When connected, the surround sound may be partially lost, which will negatively affect movie watching or listening to music. Advantage: no need to connect additional devices.
  • To connect a passive device requires an AV receiver, which increases the cost of purchasing a soundbar. The advantage of such a device is the provision of better sound quality and its surround sound; often these devices are called 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 speakers.

Best alternatives for Samsung TV

  • Samsung HW-MS650

The 120-watt audio system has Distortion Canceling technology, HD Audio support, Wireless Surround Kit, and nine built-in speakers. The Samsung soundbar has a Smart mode, it analyzes the sound and selects the optimal sound mode. Thanks to the convenient Soundbar Sound + application, any music can be played directly from the phone, connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

  • Samsung HW-Q600A

This soundbar combines and amplifies sound through the front, side, and boost speakers of the soundbar, as well as the speakers of the TV, providing a new level of acoustic immersion.  It comes with a wireless 160-watt subwoofer and is compatible to create a 3.1.2-channel configuration with the optional SWA-9100S rear speakers. The model is notable for support for advanced technologies Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.

  • Samsung HW-Q60T

This sound panel with subwoofer is designed for home use, and the black color of the speaker will look unobtrusive in any interior. The soundbar is ideal for those who want great sound in a small space. The main feature of the model is high efficiency. The speaker is equipped with speakers for low and medium frequencies.

How to use Google Lens on your iPhone or iPad?

Even though every day the artificial intelligence of Google Lens is increasingly penetrating the device running Android, for iOS users, there is also good news. This article will explore how to use this technology on iPhone and iPad.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens, an image recognition technology that lets you “search for what you see,” essentially lets you point your phone at anything that catches your eye and google it.

Google’s object recognition app first came out back in March, but at first, it only ran on Android. Now Google Lens is available in the Google iOS app. It is worth noting that previously, iOS users could access the functionality of Google Lens through Google Photos. However, to do this, it was necessary to first photograph the object and then add it to the list.

Now users can turn on the camera and identify the image directly in the Google application. A corresponding Lens icon has already appeared in the search bar at the top of the Google app.

Functions of the service

Google Lens has the following features:

  • Search for similar products – you should point the camera at a picture or any object the application will process the information and give the user several answer options.
  • Translation mode adds support for offline translations, as does the full app and its “Instant” camera. You will be prompted to download language packs to use Google Lens when there is no network connection.
  • Google Lens will help you online translate words into other languages, pronounce them or show the meaning of a word. “These are minor changes, but certainly enough to make Lens a more useful tool — and provide users with another way to kill time.
  • Google Lens already allows visitors to do image search from iPhone and identify a variety of objects – architectural monuments, sculptures, household items, and objects, scan receipts and documents and search for goods. Now the function has been made even more useful.
  • In the new version of Google Lens, the viewfinder for object recognition takes up only a third of the screen. The rest of the space is reserved for accessing photos and screenshots in the custom gallery. You can expand the camera window to full screen by swiping down or clicking on the “Search” button. But even in this case, a small icon for accessing the photo will be displayed in the lower-left corner of the interface.
  • Another innovation is the saving of photos in the gallery when shooting in Live View mode. Previously, the user irretrievably lost access to the images that were captured in the application – the emphasis was on the “live” analysis of the picture in the frame.

How to use it on Apple devices?

You can take advantage of Google Lens by downloading the Google iOS app. So, on the first launch, users will be prompted to grant the app access to the camera and agree to other terms. Also, users can go through a short training to understand the functionality of Google Lens.

True, the application does not yet have a text recognition function. But Google Lens can be useful when searching for similar products.

The application has a simple and intuitive interface. Users just need to point the camera at a specific object to start the analysis. The control system includes triggering a flash for better illumination and opening a photo gallery to analyze existing images.