Best Soundbars for Samsung TV

Enhanced sound is one of the most important aspects of watching TV and movies on TV. It creates the effect of being present in events that take place on the screen. The soundbar is often used to improve sound quality. This article will consider the best soundbar options for Samsung TVs.

What is a soundbar and why do you need it?

Good sound is difficult to achieve from standard speakers built into a TV, monitor, or laptop. This requires a separate audio system that will make the sound not only louder but also more voluminous.

The soundbar is an acoustic monoblock for sound amplification. The design includes a different number of speakers, which varies from two to fifty pieces. Therefore, the device gives the purest sound in an area of up to 50 square meters. The main task of the soundbar is to provide a three-dimensional, wider sound field than single speakers do, and at the same time save useful space.

Thanks to the soundbar, the user gets a surround, loud, and much better sound compared to that given by the speakers integrated into the TV. Soundbar – a great option for small spaces, which saves space and at the same time gets a decent soundtrack.

In addition to the compact size, the advantages of the audio panel include:

  • Support for most modern audio and video formats;
  • Ease of use;
  • Integrated media players;
  • Ability to connect external drives.

The soundbar works in pair with the TV or as the independent player, playing music from a disk or a flashcard. The soundbar includes the player itself, a set of speakers, and an audio processor needed to provide full sound. The panel has built-in up to 16 speakers at different angles, the bass speaker acts as a subwoofer. You can control the soundbar via the remote control or with the buttons on the body.

Types of the soundbar

  • This is a simple affordable solution, but not without drawbacks. When connected, the surround sound may be partially lost, which will negatively affect movie watching or listening to music. Advantage: no need to connect additional devices.
  • To connect a passive device requires an AV receiver, which increases the cost of purchasing a soundbar. The advantage of such a device is the provision of better sound quality and its surround sound; often these devices are called 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 speakers.

Best alternatives for Samsung TV

  • Samsung HW-MS650

The 120-watt audio system has Distortion Canceling technology, HD Audio support, Wireless Surround Kit, and nine built-in speakers. The Samsung soundbar has a Smart mode, it analyzes the sound and selects the optimal sound mode. Thanks to the convenient Soundbar Sound + application, any music can be played directly from the phone, connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

  • Samsung HW-Q600A

This soundbar combines and amplifies sound through the front, side, and boost speakers of the soundbar, as well as the speakers of the TV, providing a new level of acoustic immersion.  It comes with a wireless 160-watt subwoofer and is compatible to create a 3.1.2-channel configuration with the optional SWA-9100S rear speakers. The model is notable for support for advanced technologies Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.

  • Samsung HW-Q60T

This sound panel with subwoofer is designed for home use, and the black color of the speaker will look unobtrusive in any interior. The soundbar is ideal for those who want great sound in a small space. The main feature of the model is high efficiency. The speaker is equipped with speakers for low and medium frequencies.